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The ultimate inventory tracking solution

The RFID system uses radio wave technology to ensure that retail merchandise is exactly where it is supposed to be every time. Used in companies like Walmart, Target and Dillard’s, the RFID system can adapt to any retail environment to provide significantly more accurate inventory, resulting in happier customers and reduced expenses.

The unique tag designs of RFID allow for an easy to read visual representation of merchandise in real time in user friendly software. Use of the handheld version allow employees to quickly hone in on the perfect item for a customer. Full integration with Retail Pro creates a powerful combination of POS wait time reduction, inventory accuracy improvement, and increased sales.

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Speed up checkout, increase revenue, and reduce shrink with RFID

The RFID system syncs with Retail Pro at checkout to provide a fast and accurate point of sale experience. RFID is the ultimate inventory solution throughout retail stores. The system supports all aspects of the back stock and sales floor through receiving, sales, store transfers, inventory management, and replenishment.

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Benefits of RFID Solution

• Eliminates traditional inventory crews

• Receive inventory updates every minute with over 99% accuracy

• Most effective in high density, high traffic retail environments

• Detects item’s movements at all  times on sales floor

• POS integration reduces customer  wait times

• Allows Omni-channel solutions to flourish with accurate inventory

Real Time Notifications

• Automated Replenishment Alerts that notify personnel of items that are running out and need to be restocked on the sales floor

• Misplaced Items Alert that notifies personnel when items are out of their designated location

• Misplaced Items Alert that notifies personnel when items are out of their designated location

• Receiving Alert notifies personnel when the items you receive differ from the transfer slip

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Why RFID ?

• Instant scanning for reduced wait times at checkout

• Backwards compatible with barcode scanners

• Eliminates the need for costly physical inventory counts

• Handheld RFID scanners have reduced mean cycle count time by up to 96%

• Passive system generates alerts for replenishment, theft, and misplaced items

• Generates transfer slips and vouchers based on what is being transferred, eliminating human error

• Enables Omni-Channel business with precise inventory levels

• Passive readers check that each item leaving the store has been authorized

• Unique identifiers (EPCs) let you know exactly which items have left and  how many of each

• Reduces overall shrink, and makes all shrink known shrink