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RF Keeper- A Cloud-Based RFID Solution

The Platform

RF Keeper, a leading software solution provider, provides a cutting-edge solution to brick and mortar industries by combining RFID technology with IoT.  This cloud-based system is focused on digitally transforming brick and mortar stores from the multi-channel provider to being truly omnichannel. The cloud-based RF Keeper platform can increase the speed and quality of your supply chain by offering a network of end-to-end capabilities that manage every operational aspect from item creation to point of sale.

How It Works

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The Features

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Cutting Edge RFID System

Using the latest RFID technology, RF Keeper keeps tracking the precise location and condition of each and every inventory item,  at all given times. RF Keeper monitors every step of the supply chain process, including the product life cycle within the store until the sale.

Real-Time Data Collection & Analysis

RF Keeper is designed to gather and analyze data in real-time, in order to measure and improve your performance of all retail-related works. The data collecting unit collects rarely accessible analytics, such as item distribution and delivery, in-store item location and placement, fitting rooms,in-store advertisements, etc

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Real-Time Dashboard Display & Active Management

RF Keeper dashboard shows data that is constantly updated. Your retail teams may use the dashboard to actively manage their inventory

for continuous development in all parts of the supply chain of your key performance indicators. The customizable dashboard gives a better user experience.

Combined In-Store & Online Tactics

RF Keeper uses the online product and customer-related attributes to significantly optimize and personalize your brand’s in-store approach to the requirements and preferences of your buyers, opening the door to a world of previously concealed in-store activity insights.

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Relevance-Based Team Communication

RF Keeper enables a large decrease in time spent on retail-oriented activities by directing and strengthening the coordination between teams to fulfill depended-upon jobs in a timely manner by creating a task-focused link between teams.

The Results

2%-7% INCREASE Sales (In-Store & Online)
10%-20% INCREASE in stock saving
UP TO 50% DECREASE shrinkage Reduction
100% shipping validation accuracy
99% sales floor stock accuracy
FROM 75% TO 99% inventory accuracy