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Real Time Locating Systems

Locate People and Assets in Real Time with RTLS

Real Time Location Services, in brief, RTLS, provides you the real time location data of people and assets, uses in industries like supply chain, healthcare, retail, and construction ,etc for indoor positioning. RTLS gives you the complete insight with centimeter accuracy and reliability. The advanced positioning algorithms in Quuppa Systems makes it more reliable and scalable system.


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RTLS in Manufacturing

RTLS can improve the day-to-day safety of workers in many ways. The system can prevent collisions between workers and machinery by alerting workers to likely collisions calculated by using real-time route information.

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RTLS in Transportation

Maximize supply chain efficiency by real time location tracking in transportation sector. Safe and secured transportation can be assured by getting the insights.

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RTLS in Judicial

RTLS have vast applications in Logistics and warehousing industry starting from material handling to security. RTLS avoids the unnecessary waiting time, movements and transportation to maximize the ROI.

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RTLS in Logistics

Global logistics sector relies in WIFI and RFID based RTLS systems for workforce security and managing their inventories in proper ways to improve the efficiency .

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RTLS in Retail

Improve in store experience by analyzing the customer traffic. Implement cart tracking to chart the movement of customers. Make an easy instore navigation. Self scanning checkout can be implement by RTLS.

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RTLS in HealthCare

The critical assets in healthcare sectors can be secured and tracked efficiently by RTLS. Patient monitoring become easier with RTLS.

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RTLS in Construction

RTLS can streamline the operations in construction area by locating the equipment, worker and vehicles in time . RTLS can help you to monitor the active work hours of your labors . Smart building is an another invention

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RTLS in Sports

RTLS can be used in sports for player tracking or asset tracking. On-field tracking of the players can be done by using RFID enabled RTLS systems.


Choose the right RTLS system which fulfills your requirements. Some applications provide you the pinpoint accuracy in location tracking. Precise positioning of assets, live objects, vehicles, inventories and containers can be carried out easily by implementing an RTLS system .Bluetooth Low Energy Asset Tracking (Active RFID), BLE tags,  operates in the 2.4 GHz ISM band , and IoT tags are  also used for asset tracking.

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Quuppa RTLS  has a positioning precision of 10 cm, offers real-time location updates for even the quickest moving objects, and is dependable and durable in the hardest of conditions.

Bluetooth [object object] Real Time Locating Systems bluetooth 75x75

RTLS systems can track both smartphones and tags, as well as provide connection for IoT sensors, whether you require exact positioning, proximity, or just presence detection.

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Its low in cost, long lasting and easy to implement. These factors made it as a scalable solution for active real time remote monitoring system.

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Open Source

Comes with an OS independent system which can be integrate locally through a open  API or can be access through cloud. There are dozens of options to customize your own tags.