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Beyond Traffic – People Counting Solution

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People Counting | Retail Analytic Solution

Make impactful decisions to grow your business! With the Beyond Traffic, you get the people counting traffic and people flow metrics for improving sales and operations in Retail & Physical locations. With it’s high level of accuracy and advanced feature set, the 3D Gen2 sensor provides real time footfall traffic data to more businesses around the world than any other sensor. Newest advances include the Employee Filtering feature and Wi-Fi connectivity capability.

With the accurate, real-time data you are able to measure, predict, and make decisions on improving customer experiences and sales conversion; optimize staffing levels; and understand the success marketing campaigns.

3D GEN 2
3D Stereo Vision Sensor for People Counting & Tracking

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Beyond Traffic 3D Gen 2 with Wi-Fi and BLE features industry leading intelligent counting, increased coverage, integrated mounting and backward compatibility to help analytics service providers deploy value added people counting and tracking solutions. With the addition of the Employee Filtering feature, personnel movements are counted separately, providing more accurate counts. The 3D Gen 2 provides a true picture of customer traffic. Beyond Traffic supports an integrated surface mount and wide range of mounting heights with only 2 lens options for easier inventory management and deployment.

What Beyond Traffic does for you !

Empower your Store Manager

  • Learn about traffic patterns in your store
  • Know about and adjust your service level to achieve your targets
  • Obtain and drive up your conversion rates.

Empower your Marketing

  • Measure the impact of marketing on traffic
  • Understand how much a customer is worth

Empower your IT

  • Get alert when a problem occurs
  • Centralized traffic data collection and traffic system management
  • Integrate traffic data with your other systems

Empower your C – Level

  • Get a total picture of your organization performance on traffic
  • Discover the potential from unsold traffic
  • Take action to optimize labor cost and maximize service to increase sales
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Key Features

  • Fits all store designs & can be installed from 8.2 feet 2.5m ) to 19.2 feet 5.85m
  • Covers entrances from 9.1 feet (2.8m) to 26.2 feet (8m)
  • Surface Mount Optional
  • POE powered IP camera with internal memory
  • 98% or more in typical scenarios
  • Filters out people standing or browsing at the entrance, kids , carts & trolleys
  • Can be flush mounted
  • Alerts if camera is blinded
  • Metal housing
Easy Validation
  • Video feed through web browser plus optional video streaming and on going recording
  • Audit method to quickly convince all parties of effectiveness and to save time & energy

Count your customers, not your staff

Beyond Traffic’s Employee Filtering feature, with its ability to differentiate between customers and staff, provides accurate  customer traffic and employee counts. This is ideal for environments where excellent customer service includes: 1) staff moving in and out of stores; 2) greeters welcoming customers; 3) the presence of security guards; and 4) and in luxury stores with lower traffic where each customer is significant.

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Beyond Traffic’s Employee Filtering automatically
identifies and counts staff wearing tags.
No manual intervention is required and there
is no impact on daily staff operations.

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Staff wear or carry a small, discrete electronic
tag that can be easily concealed and not
visible to customers.

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Beyond Traffic Employee Filtering achieves high
accuracy rates with a patent pending combination
of tag sensor and Bluetooth technology