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OptCulture Marketing Solutions

OpCulture’s solutions are designed specifically for retailers, giving you marketing tools that no other marketing solutions can match. No longer will you have multiple logins for each of your marketing platforms. Create email, text message, social media, direct mail campaigns and host your customer Loyalty program from a single portal.

Capture. Reward. Engage.

The all-in-one solution to engage your customers. Build meaningful relationships with those who shop with you. With Email, SMS, Social Media, POS integration Loyalty and Digital Receipts you can control all of your marketing efforts all from OptCulture’s unique platform.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is and has remained as one of the best ways to reach your consumers. Our platform helps you manage your data and takes email marketing to another level. Maximize communication and minimize effort with easy to use segmentation and automation.With personalized content and subject lines, you can deliver customer-centric campaigns based on demographics, sales history, and more! Engage customers more often in less time with Automated Marketing Campaigns.

 Re-engage with customers after initial purchase
Schedule automated campaigns to maintain frequent engagement
Enhance your customer experience

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the most engaging way to communicate personally with your audience. Integration with Retail Pro creates an effortless way to communicate instantly with your customers. Explore the ‘Always Connected’ option of staying in touch with your customers on the device they use all the time – their mobile phone – with OptCulture SMS Marketing. It allows you to reach your customers quickly and effectively, and in tracking and measuring the response it
generates at your store in real-time.

SMS Marketing open rates average over 80%
29% of targeted customers respond to text messages, & 47% of those make a purchase
Exclusive & easy to remember short codes

Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts are your first opportunity to re-engage with customers. A well crafted Digital Receipt will begin the dialogue between store and customer as well as drive brand loyalty! Maximize the potential use of what you give by default to each customer after every purchase, their receipts, with OptCulture Digital Receipts. This richly branded environment-friendly medium allows you to personalize the information that appears on each receipt. Additionally, it enables transaction information to go Social / Online.

Open rates average between 50 % and 75%
Data quality over 99% Typical bounce rate <1%
Social media conversion increases 15% on average
Digital receipt
Loyalty Program

Loyalty Programs

OptCulture’s Loyalty combines usability with a depth of features that enable businesses to run sophisticated loyalty programs, engage customers and increase sales. Equipped with the easiest program builder in any loyalty solution, pre-integrated with POS systems and availability of API to integrate with other systems, OptCulture makes running a loyalty
program simple and cost-effective with the fastest turn-around time possible.


Fully Customizable

Point Based, Cash Back, and More



Update and sync with POS



with Promo Manager to offer loyalty benefits and track ROI


Customer Centric


Online Balance Check for Customers


Automated Email & Text Reminders

Percentage Based

The most simple type of program, but by far the most common. Customers receive a percentage of their purchase as rewards, as points or cash, to
use at a later time.

Roll Over

Customers gain points until reaching a threshold. Points are then converted to dollars and points return to 0.

Promo Based

Customers gain points until reaching a threshold. Points always continue to accumulate. Customers redeem rewards through emailed promotions. Promotions can be discounts on receipt or products

Frequent Buyer Program

Customers are rewarded for their frequent repeat purchases of particular brands, products or manufacturers wherein the purchase of a number of products is rewarded with a discounted or free product of the same type.

Promo Manager

Real-time reports allow you to track promos while they are still running.

Create Custom Dynamic Promotions

Dynamic validity allows for complete control of the items discounted, discount method, and validity period

Percentage and currency ($) based discounts
Real-time Reporting
Promo manager
integrated POS

Retail Pro Integration

OptCulture’s promo manager is a powerful tool. With the Retail integration, Promo Manager automatically validates and applies promos with no opportunity for human error.


Barcode Creator

OptCulture’s barcode creator allows customers to scan their phone at checkout for a real-time, integrated, and automated system.


Contacts Management

All your contacts in sync – across POS terminals, ecommerce system, mailing lists, contact lists – seriously! Derive insights, segment with intuitive slice-and-dice tools, evaluate customer relationship statuses, and honor their communication preferences with the utmost ease, with features that will help your marketing team focus more on communication and interaction design, than on complex spreadsheets sifting through contacts data.

OptCulture assimilates all your contacts across multiple systems

add multiple complex rules and create segments to target customers and derive insights on the nature of your database
Single View of Customer – Get an accurate idea of where the customer stands on
Opt-in management – The customer gets the communication he prefers