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General Labels and Labeling

RIS offers wide range labels specially designed for various industries like medical, industrial, metals, electronics and food for the identification of product or equipment with different finishing styles. We supplies chemical drum labels, durable labels, identification labels for metal, food labelling stickers, identification labels for medical, waste management labels, recycling identification labels,  and color label printers.

Manufacturing Labels

Inventory control is a part of manufacturing. Labels helps to identify, organize and track each items used for manufacturing. The products may be need to stand up different environments and handling. We help you to choose the right labels to ensure its capacity to with stand in hardest environments. Increase your brand value by adding your logo to the labels. It will give a professional touch to your product. By laminating or varnishing a specific or important area can create an easy visual appearance in labels. QR Codes can be added in each and every label. Metallic label plates are normally used in manufacturing for products like motors.  Manufacturing labels should be long lasting so always choose durable label materials and adhesive for manufacturing purpose.

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Industrial Labels

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We provide high-performance, custom made, computer-printable, durable industrial labels for all hard environments. Our broad, cross-sector experience allows us to recommend the most effective label construction for your needs, saving you time and effort. Like manufacturing, industrial labels are also will go through different environments. So it should be durable and have long lifespan. We provide customized industrial labels for chemical drums, barrels, floors, storage racks, etc. Our labels are extreme in temperature resistance, chemical and solvent resistant and have long life span. We sells drum labels, storage labels, machinery labels, equipment labels, wire labels, Destructible vinyl labels , self -laminating labels, electronic labels, cable labels and wire labels etc.


Distribution labels have a major role in warehouse inventory management. The product information printed on the labels helps to identify , track , and organize  the product properly in warehouses. Barcode labels are needed to track the items. For logistics and distribution labels with barcode is necessary. We have barcode labels, RFID labels, LPN labels, pallet labels, recycle labels, waste management labels, packing slip labels, pick ticket labels, serialized labels, product labels, floor covers etc.

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