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Denso Wave-RFID Solutions

Real Time Inventory Management With More Efficiency

Denso Wave pioneered the QR Code®, produced the world’s first mobile terminal and CCD scanner, and explored and designed various innovative codes to swiftly provide RFID and IC card technologies, including RFID, IC, and OCR technologies. RFID Inventory Management Solutions increase supply chain visibility and reduce the risks of over/under stocking, supply chain inefficiencies, and internal shrinkage, resulting in a better shopping experience. Denso Wave modular plug-and-play Inventory Management Solution adapted to your specific needs, in collaboration with RFKeeper, that can cover the whole inventory management process.

Retail RFID

Inventory management is a crucial part of the Retail Industry. With the help of Denso wave Auto-ID solutions, the retailers find a digitalized path to manage the inventory more effectively.

Receiving inspection

Opening each box and scan each item’s barcode is time-consuming.  By using a handheld RFID scanner this can be done more effectively without opening the box and just scan the tags simultaneously.

Point Of Sale(POS)

Installing an RFID Table Scanner® under the checkout counter to read all tags of items put on the counter at the same time helps speed up the checkout process.

Shipping Goods

Installing an RF tag reader/writer to the gate for accepting/shipping goods to automatically read tags of the products that pass through the gate will help with inventory control.

Tag Re-printing

RFID target reading can be used to reprint lost tags. Only one target tag can be read, even if there are many RF tags. This avoids the chance of reading RF tags other than the target tag.

Status Checking

The inventory status can be checked from anywhere using Denso Wave pocketable RFID tag reader. Swift checking makes customers happier and at the same time avoids stock overflow/shortage

Customer behavior

Reading the tags of items brought into fitting rooms can reveal how many times each product has been tried on.It is possible to market things that customers did not purchase.

Denso Wave RFID Products

Denso wave RFID [object object] Denso Wave-RFID Solutions UR21 MS 01


Ultra-thin stationary scanner that can be installed anywhere

SP1 [object object] Denso Wave-RFID Solutions SP1


Scanning Speed 700scans/second
Scanning Distance Approx. 8m
For World Class Inventory-taking

SE1 BUB-C [object object] Denso Wave-RFID Solutions SE1 BUB C


It is a low-power model that may be used anywhere without requiring a license. Recommended for usage in a location where everyone must have a scanner.

BHT-1281QULWB-CE [object object] Denso Wave-RFID Solutions BHT 1281QULWB CE


Blitz scanning — Instant long-range scanning of tags, 90% reduction in stocktaking time,easy-to-grip, gun grip-like handle enables users to easily aim at tags in high places

UR 20 series [object object] Denso Wave-RFID Solutions UR20 SERIES
Navigation Tag [object object] Denso Wave-RFID Solutions Navigation TAG 150x150

UR20 Series

No need to read the RF tag manually one after another. Checkout procedure can be completed quickly by just scanning products on the counter.

Navigation Tag

LED-equipped UHF-band RF tag
Lights up what you’re looking for