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Sales Season Started: Turn Your Stores into Super Converting by Investing in Retail Technology

Dubai is getting ready to welcome the next winter shopping season. Before the celebrations begin, let’s consider how you can convert your brick-and-mortar store into a super-converting store. Usually, the winter season is the busiest and most lucrative time of year for Dubai retailers. Retailers are preparing for the coming busy season.

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So here is a small guide to those retailers who want to impress their customers by increasing the shopping experience by applying affordable yet effective retail technologies to their business. You will never get a chance to regret investing some money in retail technology.

  1. Loyalty Programs
  2. Unified Commerce
  3. In-store customer analytics
  4. Antitheft alarming systems
  5. Cashier-less checkout
  6. Virtual Fitting Rooms
  7. Sound systems

Loyalty Programs

Customer retention is necessary to maintain a balance between your new customers and existing customers. Focusing only on the products won’t be enough for retaining your customers with the brand. Repeated customers are always an asset to your brand. So make them feel special by giving personalized offers, discounts, early sales access, etc.

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Implementing a loyalty program can make this process easier. A loyalty program like Optculture can integrate with your POS effectively and helps you to build meaningful relations with your customers, thereby increasing sales.

 Percentage-based, promo-based, roll-over, subscription-based, value-based, point-based, and frequent buyers are different kinds of loyalty types that you can choose from.

Unified Commerce

Unified commerce can be implemented in your business to streamline your brand’s operations across locations, stores, online and offline channels, payment solutions, etc by providing an Omni channel experience to the customers.

Disconnected business applications will cost you more and communication between each is very difficult and time-consuming. Retailers using these disconnected channels for their brand can’t provide their shoppers with an Omni channel shopping experience. Appropriately using data is necessary to stay up-to-date and competitive in this current retail world.

Unified commerce effectively and productively connects all your marketing channels using the data from your POS, loyalty solutions, inventory management, tracking software, people counting system, etc effectively and productively to make your growth chart high. Modern POS software for retail applications provides an Omni channel platform for retailers to make their brands stand out.

In-store Customer Analytics

Knowing your store’s footfall data, especially during sale season, is important for even businesses too. How your store performed in the daytime, in which time range customers are more at the store, how many staffs are needed to serve a customer, in which area of your store I more concentrated, which product in your store getting less visibility, which item gets more customer attraction, how many shoppers are passing through your store, how many visitors turned to repeated customers, how many visits turns to sales, etc can be easily tracked by using an in-store customer analytics solution.

The data collected from the in-store analytics solution can be integrated with your POS solution.

Antitheft alarming systems

Shoplifting during big sales events is usually a nightmare for retailers. Antitheft alarming systems can reduce internal shrinkage and shoplifting to a greater extent. EAS antennas, RFID tags, RFID labels, Stickers, etc are used to prevent theft in stores.

Advanced EAS antennas are capable of making visual and audible alarming signals to notify the staff about theft.

Reducing theft helps in increasing profit. So investing money in the antitheft solution is good for your business to increase sales during this season.

Cashier-less checkout

One of the biggest loss happens during sales seasons is due to the long queues at the checkout. We are living in a fast-moving world where nobody has time to waste. Customers leave the items just before checkout only because of the never-ending queues. So by taking the advantage of technology retailers can implement cashier-less checkout kiosks inside the store. Customers can easily scan the product and pay the bill by themselves. This easy method of payment solution can attract more customers to your store. Providing a seamless shopping experience is the best way to make loyal customers.

Virtual Fitting Rooms

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Virtual fitting rooms are technology-filled rooms where customers can try on items virtually without physically touching them. Artificial intelligence technology or augmented reality enables shoppers to check the size, fitting, color, etc. Here a person’s body is scanned using the technology and its associated devices and creating a 360-degree view. Overlying the scanned product over this 360 model and display on a screen. The exact fitting can be understood easily without trying it on.

Sound systems/ Music systems

Rather than a loud noisy atmosphere customers like shop in a soothing atmosphere. Music systems can help retailers to provide this in the store. Playing a cool music track can relax the customers even if they want to wait a long time at the checkout. A happy customer will transform into a loyal customer.  The right ambiance at the store will help to leverage sales. Music has the power to keep people happy or sad. So a good playlist and a quality sound system together can showcase your brand value to the customers.

Buying a low-quality audio system is not a good option for retail stores. Music and sound have a role in customer shopping behavior. A poorly installed music system can’t provide you with a good listening effect. So always try to buy branded systems from trustworthy providers.

The grand shopping season of Dubai, Dubai Shopping Festival 2022, started on DEC 15. The next 45 days are full of celebrations at every mall and retail store with lots of offers and promotions. Check the list of technologies we discussed in this article, prepare a list, implement those technologies at your store, and see the difference.

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