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RFID Tags-Find which type suits more for your retail business

RFID solutions provide a whole host of benefits to the retail stores. The brick and mortar stores use RFID tags for hassle-free inventory management and security. It will enhance the customer experience too. There are various types of RFID asset tracking systems and tags are available in the market. Each has a different application and feature and differs in the making material, frequency, etc.

rfid tags RFID Tags-Find which type suits more for your retail business bionix tecnologia RFID sostenibilidad sector retail

New Era of RFID technology in Retail Operations

Because of the expanding popularity of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and the security features it provides, RFID tags are being used in a variety of sectors.

A microchip with an antenna (tag), a long-range reader with an antenna, and an access control server make up the bulk of RFID systems.

It’s not simple to choose the proper tag for your security system because there are so many alternatives on the market, and figuring out which one is best for your specific needs can be difficult. The power supply of RFID tags can be used to distinguish them. Passive and active tags are the two major types of tags used in the access control sector.

Passive Vs. Active Tags

Though a passive RFID tag does not have a battery, the reader’s electromagnetic waves are picked up by the tag’s built-in antenna. These tags are less expensive than active tags, and hence might be a cost-effective choice for businesses on a tight budget and small stores. They are also smaller since they do not require a battery. If your business needs compact RFID tags you can go with Passive tags. However, they have their limitations. Because passive tags don’t have their own power source, they need more time to charge before they can transmit data. In comparison to active tags, they also have less data store capacity.

Active RFID tags feature a built-in battery that allows them to continually send the data contained on them to the reader. Despite the fact that their batteries have a limited lifespan, they frequently endure for years. Tag’s battery-powered reaction makes it ideal for situations where RF transmissions are likely to be interfered with. These tags may also be used by security experts to track the whereabouts of things in real-time. Another advantage of active tags is their wide reading range, making them useful for autonomous vehicle identification and access. All of these extra functions, however, come at a cost: active tags are more expensive than passive tags.

Different types of security tags used in the Retail sector

1.    Ink Tags/ Benefit denial Tags

ink tags in dubai rfid tags RFID Tags-Find which type suits more for your retail business EAS Ink 540x272

Instead of activating an alarm when a theft occurs, ink tags are designed to discourage stealing. They’re usually used on clothes that would be damaged if they were soiled with ink. A vial within the tag explodes and spills ink over the item when it is removed without the use of the store cashier’s equipment. The ink vials may be used in conjunction with regular RFID chips to give an extra layer of security. Smaller establishments, on the other hand, frequently employ ink tags alone to save money at the expense of implementing a detecting system.

If DVDs and CDs are tampered with, another tag in this category destroys them. There are also unique bottle tags that can only be removed with a certain key. You may even pick tags with super-strong glue that will impair the stolen item’s appearance.

Some merchants combine benefit denial tags with EAS security tags just to offer an extra degree of security.

2. Lanyards and Labels

labels and lanyards rfid tags RFID Tags-Find which type suits more for your retail business RFID clothing label e1558427275119

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, lanyards and labels are other alternatives to explore. Labels, on the other hand, have a drawback: unlike the various sorts of security tags listed above, you won’t be able to reuse them. Lanyards and labels, on the other hand, are just as beneficial since they need shop staff to deactivate them in order to prevent the alarm from going off. Security lanyards and labels come in a variety of styles, including those with and without barcodes. They’re frequently used on delicate fabric products by retailers because they don’t harm it.

Security tags help retailers to cut down shoplifting and internal shrinkage. Besides this, it reduces the manpower and time used for inventory management in to a great extent. Choose the right type of tags to protect your inventory. If you are looking for affordable RFID tags in Dubai, please feel free to contact us.

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