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Augmented reality in Retail: New shopping trend in 2021

Retail innovations are a must-do part of the development cycle of the retail sector. Technology is changing every day. Retailers are keenly watching each advancement in technology and thinking about how it can be beneficial for their business. Ultimately the technology is made by humans and made for humans to improve their lifestyle.

Augmented reality has emerged as a tool for retailers to interact with the customers through social and their mobile devices. The new digital experience makes the customers more attracted to the brand and it helps the brand to increase brand integrity and sales.

Newly bloomed “Try Before buy” trend in Retail

augmented reality augmented reality Augmented reality in Retail: New shopping trend in 2021 afhgws

Snapchat is one who pioneered in introducing AR in social, but following their path Instagram, Facebook and TikTok introduced their own lenses and filters. Technology has given a large boost in the time of lockdown. People are more attached to social media and the online world. The virtual trying of clothes, shoes, and makeup accessories has gone trending and shoppers have an affinity towards that brands after trying the AR trying outs. Brands like GUCCI and Sephora are great examples of retailers who successfully introduced AR in their marketing. During last Ramadan, Sephora introduced a gamified Augmented Reality (AR) Lens in Snapchat and they got an unprecedented ROI in online sales from this. L’Oreal Men Expert Lens and Rituals Cosmetics Lens are also made their success stories from AR.

augmented reality Augmented reality in Retail: New shopping trend in 2021 sephora thumbnail 375x667

 During lockdown time people were more engaged to social media platforms mainly in creating attractive, funny, and entertaining images and videos by using filters and lenses. Then Retailers understood the possibility of introducing lenses with their products to gain customer attention.

Developments in AR

AR has just entered the retail sector. By pointing your cellphones to your foot you can virtually try out Gucci sneakers. You can visualize how it looks but you can’t decide which size fits or you. Once it achieves size measurement, it will be a great innovation for the retail sector. According to Snapchat, they have a daily of 200M Augmented Reality users.

Augmented Reality can promise a high impact on customers and an entirely different shopping experience. Trying out clothes from your favorite brand, that too from your home or any place, buying at the same moment is such a good feeling for all the shopping lovers.

AR in retail augmented reality Augmented reality in Retail: New shopping trend in 2021 retail jumper virtual try on 1024x576

The success of Sephora itself shows how the retail world is going to change in the coming years by the support of innovative technologies like augmented reality and the collaboration with social media is such a huge trend to copy and follow. 

Here we were mainly talked about Augmented Reality in social, but do you think it is limited there? No, AR opens a world of marketing techniques, retailers can pick from those to place their brand at the top. AR mirrors, kiosks are a good choice for brick and mortar stores.

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