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People counting solutions- What, Why, and How?

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”

Famous words of the great mathematician and physicist, Lord Kelvin (William Thomson).

People counting is all about gaining information about dwell times and popular zones. People counting or visitors counting is a very popular and an important metric now. Nowadays retailers are very excited about their visitor count as they are in a phase of coming back after the drastic sales drop during the pandemic.

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 In the last 2 years, things have changed a lot in everyone’s lifestyle. The majority of the shoppers turned into online shoppers, and they shop for essentials only. Many retailers failed to overcome this situation and many stores closed. Now things have improved and the no. of COVID 19 Cases are just a few. Malls and cinemas opened for the public. Each visitor in a store is more valued than before. So there comes the need for an efficient People counting solution.

What is meant by a people counting solution?

People counters are a technology-based device that can measure the footfall traffic of the people coming to a store. People counters were now using more advanced technology so that they won’t make any disruption in the retail store environment and customer’s privacy.

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The third generation people counters (2012-2016) were based on Video and wifi counting systems. The fourth-generation people counters have the ability to use in low or varying light conditions. They are advanced and the users can review the performance in real-time and make necessary changes. Fourth generations systems are given more preference to customer privacy and they comply with the local rules on using surveillance systems in shopping malls and retail stores.

Why people counting solution is important?

Ecommerce has made its own space in the market. However, the importance and the superiority of the brick and mortar sores never reduced a bit. Retailers know how to manage these two in a balanced way. The pandemic reshaped the shopper’s expectation about the physical store environment and the retailers are also vigilant about these scenarios. So they are aware of the need for a solution that can convert the raw customer traffic data to actionable insights. People counting solutions can leverage the sales of brick and mortar stores by providing your customer’s journey inside the store. An accurate and efficient system can even give you the heat map in the store. Retailers can easily find which product got more attention and in which area in the store has the most no. of customer’s in a day and even in a specific time.

How to choose the best people counting solution?

Retailers are aware of the importance of technology in boosting sales and brand integrity. While searching for the “best people counting solution” in google you will get a wide variety of solutions that are available in the UAE market. Selecting the best one is a time-consuming task. The common questions while purchasing a people counting solution are about the accuracy, cost, up-gradation cost, integration, data insights, and the easiness in data handling, etc.

First, decide what the main purpose of purchasing a counting solution is, and how many areas it needs to cover.  Any solution in the market can provide you with the in and out people count. The difference lies in accuracy and precision. Dartboard images are the classic way of representing this.

Check the coverage area of a single system. Higher the installation height, the greater the coverage. Coverage capacity differs in each system. The up-gradation cost and integration with other management tools like POS, Workforce management systems are also taking into consideration before finalizing the product.

Many people counting solutions come with a single future that is counting the no. of visitors. Solutions like “ Beyond Traffic” can filters out people standing or browsing at the entrance, kids, carts & trolleys. The employee filtering feature in Beyond traffic makes it one of the best people counting solutions currently available in the market.

The data you can collect from a people counting system can do magic in your sales count. The AI-based systems can provide you with demographics, conversion tracking, and real-time occupancy to optimize in-store performance.

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