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Real-Time Location Service (RTLS) For Growth and Sustainability.

What is RTLS?

RTLS FOR WAREHOUSE rtls Real-Time Location Service (RTLS) For Growth and Sustainability. scan online locations solutions Warehouse and Supply Chain RTLS

Real-time locating of assets and devices can be referred as RTLS. RTLS is widely used in industries for the applications like Asset Tracking, Employee Tracking, Supply Chain Management, Maintenance Management, and Safety and Compliance. The precision and accuracy in measuring the exact location of the asset are varied with each RTLS system.

Depend on the industry type and the goal one can choose the type they need. For example some industries require just the time stamp which the asset is passed through a particular point, but some industries requires more detailed view and report. An ideal RTLS system can provide the accurate location of the asset, inventory tracking report or people tracking data etc.

Applications of Real Time Location Service (RTLS)

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RTLS have a major role in automation, safety and real time monitoring of assets and workers. Companies looking for a better way to monitor the asset location or those industries who want to track the employees in real-time can implement this technology for a better growth and sustainability in their business.

RTLS for Inventory Management

RFID enabled RTLS systems are well enough to manage a warehouse inventory efficiently and effectively. The RTLS systems are commonly working on the RF technology, but there are some systems which uses optical and acoustic technology. The wireless chips or tags are being attached to the inventory and the fixed reference points will receive the signals while the inventory passing through nearby area. The transponders attached to the inventory activates by the receiver signals. The unique code generates from the transponder is collected by the receiver to identify the inventory and the position. There are mainly 7 types of transponders are used for real time tracking:

  1. Bluetooth beacons(BLE)
  2. RFID tags
  3. Wi-Fi positioning service
  4. Infrared tags
  5. Ultra sound tags(UWB)
  6. Smart devices
  7. GPS tags

RTLS for Hospitals

RTLS FOR HOSPITAL rtls Real-Time Location Service (RTLS) For Growth and Sustainability. PS feature 1024x522

The major application of RTLS systems are in Healthcare industry. The location tracking of employees, medical equipment and patients was a critical thing. Innovators were constantly working for the technology advancement to improve the patient safety and workforce management in hospitals. By integrating with other technologies in healthcare RTLS can be used for the improvement of the overall hospital work quality.

The other applications of RTLS includes asset tracking, missing tools tracking, warehouse management, emergency mustering, employee tracking etc…

If you want to know more details about how RTLS systems can be used in your industry for indoor tracking, please feel free to contact us.

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