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Importance of Labels and the labeling regulations in UAE

In the competitive business world, consumers are giving preference to the external aesthetics of a product too before finalizing the product to buy. The color, package, labeling, and shape of the package will influence their buying decision. The in-store sales are not completely dependent on the brand name. When a new product comes to market, the customer’s first impression of that particular product will be what they have seen in the label and packaging. So labeling has a vital role in product sales and branding.

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In research conducted among the customers, says that 70% of the purchase decisions will be held out after entering the store. Buyers will check the labels to know more about the product ingredients, chemical compositions, durability, etc. before making the decision. The labels help the buyers to distinguish one brand from countless others.

Design elements of Labels

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Labels reflect a brand’s identity. Customers get familiarized with a product with its external appearance like logo, label color, image, etc. In 2009, the famous PepsiCo-Owned fruit juice selling brand “Tropicana” redesigned its packaging. Unfortunately, it was such a failure and even their sales dropped by 20 % and got much criticism from their customers. Finally, they dropped that project and came back to the previous packaging design. The sad part was Tropicana invested around 35 million dollars to promote the new design. Consumers feel an emotional bonding with the brand through the packaging elements.

 The metallic printing elements, biodegradable sign, custom foil, embossed design, premium embellishments will make your brand stand out? Or does simple and elegant packaging stand out among others? It all depends on the product category and the customer type. The products that have to face the harshest environments have to be capable to withstand those environments. Eg: the industrial labels have to be in contact with fire, chemicals, etc. So it should be capable to withstand those environments. The food labels must be capable to withstand wet and cold environments. Health and beauty products must survive in heat, moisture, and humidity situations. Use strong adhesives depending on the nature of the product.

Regulatory Requirements

The federal and state agencies have the authority to regulate the labeling laws. By following the law every brand can introduce its brand features through labels. The following information can be pass through the labels to buyers:

Ingredients and chemical components

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The complete nutritional factors of the product and the ingredients used in making should be mentioned in the label for food products. According to UAE law, the following labeling information is required in Arabic, either as part of the packaging or as an affixed label:

  • Product and brand names
  • Lot identification/lot number
  • Production and expiry dates
  • Country of origin
  • Manufacturer name
  • Instruction for storage and use
  • Manufacturer address
  • Net content weight in metric units
  • List of ingredients and additives (Using their “E” number and group names are acceptable) in descending order of proportion
  • All fats and oils used as ingredients
  • Product barcode
  • Name of the food, packer, distributor, or importer
  • Warning statements, if any Nutritional declaration

Product warnings

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Product warnings are necessary to understand the risk elements of a product. In UAE, warning labels on toys are required to be in Arabic or in Arabic and English. Cigarette packages require a special health warning in Arabic. Labeling requirements for energy efficiency for air conditioning units and appliances.

Self-use instructions, expiry date, country of origin, barcode, QR Code, promotions and coupons, etc. can be printed on labels. To know more about labeling, customized labels, and specialty labels please contact us.

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