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Contactless Payment- Retailers taking next step to stay relevant

Contactless retail payment solutions are not a luxurious retail method now. It has become very popular among retailers. Retailers themselves feel like the differences between in-store purchasing and online purchases are getting invisible now. According to a recent study, 39% of customers don’t want to go to a store where the safety measures are not properly kept.

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The social distancing, sanitizing all are our part of life from the beginning of pandemic times. Customers are less satisfied with those stores where they are not getting a safe environment which they really want to. So the retailers all around the globe start investing extra money to provide proper safety measures, easy checkouts, and contactless payment, etc. Although the contact-less payment system has been present here for the past few years, the pandemic situation makes it popular and the digital transformation by retailers helps to bolster customer engagement. This will continue after covid times as it becomes an easy and trustworthy payment solution for customers

Smooth shopping experience for customer

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Customers are expecting a seamless shopping experience. Retailers should have an idea about what their customers are really expecting, while they visit a store. The cashless payment system tends to new advancements and now it has reached contactless, cashless payment systems. The social distancing rules impacted the customer’s shopping preferences and they depended on online stores for buying both essential and non-essential things.

More than everything people think about the safety they get from online purchasing during this pandemic is really important. The government rules on the minimum number of shoppers in physical stores also led to choosing online stores for basic grocery purchases too.

After the lockdown times, the concerned authorities lifted the rule and slowly everything came back to normal. The retail industry is also getting that light of hope. Customers want to experience a better shopping experience only where their safety is considered as a prime concern.

Changing customer expectations

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The emerging technologies and innovations influence customer shopping behavior and expectations. Customers value a safe environment to shop, speedy checkouts, and contactless payment options for being loyal to a retail store for a long time. Social distancing and lockdowns made social media a platform for marketing and shopping too. The year 2020 was completely in favor of online shopping.  Now customers are returning to physical stores where the public health guidelines are completely followed for customer safety and security. Customers looking for contactless payment options like cards, mobile, and smart watches.

Having an Omnichannel payment solution like Retail Pro will be a better idea for retailers to balance their online and offline retailing.  By following these points retailers can plan new strategies for a better ROI and customer engagement.

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