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What is Electronic Article Surveillance? How does it work?

Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS is an anti-theft device commonly used in Retail Stores. Retail industries always have concerns about internal shrinkage and shoplifting. In 1966, an American inventor, named “Arthur Minasy”, invented surveillance tags to attach with the items to prevent shoplifting in stores.

The higher requirements led to study more about this particular concept and reached a stage where EAS systems took care of 90% of security in a retail store. Sometimes we noticed the alarm sound when someone exited through the shop exit. The alarm sound indicates EAS is in action and then the security man will check that person’s bill and purchased items to find if any unbilled items are there or not. Any kind of loss in inventory, like internal shrinkage or employee theft, errors, and shoplifting will adversely affect the retailer’s profit. EAS is an inevitable solution for a retail store then, now, and in the years coming.

EAS system eas system What is Electronic Article Surveillance? How does it work? electronic article surveillance 1

How do EAS systems work?

EAS working eas system What is Electronic Article Surveillance? How does it work? eas antennas

EAS systems consist of 2 main components, EAS antennas, and tags. Antennas are commonly placed at the store entrance and the tags were attached to the items. EAS antennas are widely called “Pedestals”. These antennas just act as an invisible gate. The way EAS systems work is quite simple.

EAS antennas have sensors to send and receive specific frequency signals at a specific distance. The tags attached to the merchandise will be removed by the salesperson at the time of billing. This avoids unnecessary alarming. The signals from active tags can trigger the alarms in the EAS system to inform the staff that there is an unpaid item with the customer.

How does “EAS” contribute to Security?

EAS Antenna eas system What is Electronic Article Surveillance? How does it work? 1190 Pedestal store mockup WHITE 600x400

The invention of EAS systems made a visible deterrence in shoplifting. EAS is not a new technology, but the constant improvements make it fresh and built to last technology.  Retailers don’t need to invest more in manpower to secure the valuables in the stores. The shoplifting can be reduced to zero if your store is equipped with an EAS system.

What are the types of EAS systems?

EAS systems can be mainly classified into two types based on the frequency they are used. They are AM systems (Acousto Magnetic) and RF (Radio Frequency) systems. The working frequency of AM systems is 58 kHz and RF systems are 8.2 MHz. While checking the technical aspects there are a lot of things to discuss while comparing these two, which is beyond the scope of this article. For a normal person, both systems look the same. An EAS system will work only with the particular design for which it is designed. An RF system won’t work with AM tags and vice versa. That means the frequency matters.

AM systems are most commonly used in apparel stores. They are easy to install. RF systems need an expert level installation and are very sensitive too. They are susceptible to false alarms if it’s not properly installed. The thin labels make them more popular among food stores and cosmetic stores.

RFID systems can be considered as a third popular EAS system. RFID systems can read all the information about a product like material, size, price, and brand, etc.

What are the types of tags and labels?

Detachers eas system What is Electronic Article Surveillance? How does it work? AMB 2011 value deactivator

When we say “EAS tag,” we’re referring to a tiny plastic gadget that’s connected to the item. When we say “EAS label,” we’re talking about a paper sticker or a very thin strip of plastic with an EAS circuit concealed within that may be applied to products just like any other label. Some tags have self-alarming features. Those types come with an inbuilt battery and it can be used for up to 2-3 years. Nonalarming ones have more life spans while compared to alarming tags.

RF tags, AM tags, RF labels, AM labels, Lanyard tags, pin tags, and ink tags are different types of EAS tags commonly used in the retail industry. AM tags consume more power while comparing to others. Detachers are used to remove the tags attached to items. These tags can be reused many times. Labels are usually not removed but on the other hand, it’s deactivated. Deactivator pads are used for this.

Nowadays Electronic article surveillance systems can be used to count the shoppers with its advanced technology. That means its application is not limited to shoplifting prevention. Many more features and applications are being developed to provide better security. If you are in search of EAS systems, RIS will provide you with the best EAS systems in UAE.

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