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Biometrics Technology-To Ensure the Security of your Business

Biometrics- Popping Up Everywhere

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The entry of biometric systems into the digital world was initially getting familiarized through sci-fi movies. The characters in films get access to secret rooms by recognizing their iris or face, which was an amazing thing in those times. Now Biometrics is popping up everywhere.


The workforce security in both small and large enterprises is controlled by biometrics systems. People are using any one kind of biometrics in their daily life. Fingerprint scanning, finger vein recognition, 3D face scanning recognition, voice recognition-biometrics is just growing every day-new innovations and new technologies for better security.

What is Biometrics?

Before going to a deep analysis of the advantages of this technology let’s check the term biometrics itself. The term ‘biometrics’ refers to a person’s unique measurements. This might be their facial shape, the patterns on their fingerprints, the peculiar pattern of muscles in the eye, or the blood vessels in the retina. To show that a person is who they claim they are, biometric authentication employs one or more of these unique biological measurements.


Because biometric authentication is far more accurate than passwords and card badges, it is widely employed in identification verification. Time and attendance systems, access control, and security are some of the most popular biometric authentication applications in the workplace.

Biometrics in managing employee time and attendance

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The biometric attendance systems with advanced features and accuracy replace the classic punching card systems. Businesses have started to choose new innovative attendance sheet monitoring systems which help to keep accurate payroll.

Employing a biometric system is an efficient and intelligent way to track employee work hours. Since the metrics used can’t be shared with other people, it provides the security and trust you demand. Let’s look into the benefits of biometric systems over manual clock systems,


  1. Buddy punching was a major concern of employers while using the normal punching card systems. Anyone can use the card to mark the attendance on time even if the actual person is not in the workplace. The biometric system could eliminate this buddy punching method completely.
  2. Payroll management can be handled easily as the ‘real-time employee in-out monitoring’ during working hours has been marked properly in the biometric system. Wage calculation became more accurate, thereby the loss due to faulty wage calculation was completely stopped.
  3. Employees get benefits for their extra working hours and get paid on the correct date as the month-end salary calculations become easier. Employee satisfaction improves the internal work efficiency which in turn benefits the company to increase the ROI.
  4. Security is a major concern with classic systems. The new innovations in biometric systems put forward a complete security system.

What is the role of Biometrics in small enterprises?

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The use of biometrics is becoming more popular. It’s important to consider how you may employ biometric authentication in your organization. The applications of biometrics in small scale business are ever-increasing as it becomes an integral part of daily life.

The cash payment system, cash keeping locker, employee time and attendance system, server room access, and many more examples are where a small business enterprise can choose a biometric system to ensure an immaculate and robust form of security. Access control systems like Biomax don’t have a limitation, whether it is small or large it works well with its superior security features.

Types of biometric systems to use in your business

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Many types of biometric systems are available in the market. You can choose by checking how much security you need, the employee strength, budget, etc.

  • Fingerprint scanner- No one in the universe has the same exact feature. The patterns in the fingers are unique for everyone. A fingerprint scanner scans the patterns on the finger.
  • Palm scanner- The lines on the palms scan to recognize the person.
  • Palm vein- Palm veins are being scanned to give access to the person.
  • Iris Scan: It measures the unique patterns in the iris. A set of pixels generated by the iris matches with the stored one.
  • Face recognition: The facial features and the measurements are used to measure.
  • Voice: Each person has a unique voice tract. The voice patterns from the voice are measured in this type of biometric system.


Do you want to know more about biometric systems? RIS offers you the best biometric devices which suit your employee strength and industry type.

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