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RF Keeper and DENSO WAVE- Digitally transforms the Brick and Mortar stores.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification which works on electromagnetic field theory. It consists of a radio transponder, a radio receiver, and a transmitter. When it is triggered by any nearby RFID reader, a unique code will transmit to the device which identifies the inventory.

RFID tags are using for detecting the exact location of inventories and to avoid internal shrinkage.

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Denso wave- RF Keeper Collaboration

DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED (Head Office: Japan) and RF Keeper Ltd. (Head Office in Israel), an RFID software solution provider concluded a business collaboration agreement targeted at RFID usage in the retail industry, in 2019.

DENSO WAVE is a specialist in handheld scanners and RF Keeper is a leading software provider. Their combined action helps the retailers to become Omnichannel providers.

RF Keeper’s full-stack solution combines the proven efficiency of RFID by utilizing DENSO WAVE technology with the infinite potential of the Internet of Things(IoT) and data analytics in order to bring the benefits of online retailing to brick and mortar stores.

Real-Time item tracking and inventory

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RF Keeper and DENSO WAVE together can do many revolutionary developments in the retail and supply chain industry. During the struggling stage, RF Keeper and DENSO offer RFID technology to improve CX and retail management.

RF Keeper software can give vital information regarding each inventory. How many times a product is tried, and how many products the customer purchased, like anything related to an item with an RFID tag can be measured.

This data is really invaluable for the improvement of retail and supply chain business. The loss that occurred due to the shortage of oversupply can be reduced tremendously. The internal shrinkage, which many retailers couldn’t find a proper solution so far, can be reduced by 80%.

How DENSO and RF Keeper enhance the Retail Sector with the SP1 UHF RFID Scanner

DENSO WAVE SP1 rf keeper RF Keeper and DENSO WAVE- Digitally transforms the Brick and Mortar stores. rfid12 740x480

The cloud and mobile application by RF Keeper and the efficient RFID technology by the DENSO incorporated to digitalize the retail industry. They implemented a plug-and-play inventory management module to cover the start-to-end supply chain management from warehouse to store.

The SP1 UHF RFID reader is a high-power handy scanner, captures the data that fuels RF Keeper solutions. It has the highest reading capability in the industry which is around 700 RFID tags per second depending on the operating environment.

It requires Bluetooth pairing with a mobile computer for transferring the captured data. If the Bluetooth connection is dropped data is backed up automatically. The SP1 UHF RFID reader allows high speed at distances of up to 13m, covering an area of up to 530 m². The inbuilt cross-dipole antenna reads RFID tags with any directionality.

The journey from a multichannel retailer to Omnichannel

Digitalizing retail industry rf keeper RF Keeper and DENSO WAVE- Digitally transforms the Brick and Mortar stores. box market electronic ordering shop basket 740x480

The collaboration of DENSO and RF Keeper benefits the retail industry to increase sales and ROI. The retailers can drive the sales up and digitalize to stop the unwanted expenses. The operational efficiency touched 100% as the accurate real-time data of each item can track.

RF Keeper and DENSO give the confidence to the brick and mortar stores to compete with leading online stores in their niche. The inventory management system by RF Keeper can monitor the retailer’s supply chain and daily operations with real-time analytics which can access through a user-friendly dashboard. This collaboration could definitely drive the retail industry to the next level.

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