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Inventory management  Need answers? Ask your POS. Retail PRo

Need answers? Ask your POS.

Today’s retail is a broad spectrum of digital and brick & mortar options: great for the customer, complex and costly for the retailer.

Within the ambition for omnichannel, your team also has a lot on their plate in working toward increasing profitability, optimizing for operational efficiency, and all your efforts to delight customers across channels.

And they have lots of questions.

  • Which products sell better?
  • What sells better online vs in stores?
  • What sells better at which location?
  • Where is inventory turn too low?
  • How can I improve turn without losing so much on margins?
  • What am I losing by holding too much inventory?
  • What is the opportunity cost of out of stocks?
  • What is the cost of losing customer trust due to out of stocks?

Your retail data has the answers.

But how do you go from data to insight?

Get insight with Retail Pro

The future of retail is insight: not just knowing the customer; understanding the customer.

So give your team the technology every department will use and benefit from with the powerful Retail Pro POS and retail management software – named top POS worldwide for midmarket retail.

  • Get total data visibility across the enterprise worldwide
  • Centrally manage and regionally tailor all your subsidiaries and locations
  • Dig into integrated POS & ERP data to get the right products to the right stores
  • Empower associates to get answers for customers with lookup and orders on mobile POS
  • Discover shopper insights with unified POS, ecommerce, website, and social media data
  • Act on insight with AI-powered personalized marketing and promotions

POS as deep as your enterprise

With total visibility and powerful visual analytics tools in Retail Pro, you can get insight into how your retail customers shop with you and what they’re after.

Plus, Retail Pro gives you the power and flexibility to run your multifaceted business your way.

MULTI-NATIONAL Expand into new and emerging markets with globally trusted Retail Pro POS

MULTI-REGION Customize your Retail Pro POS to region-specific needs and requirements

MULTI-SUBSIDIARY Centrally manage data for each subsidiary in one application

MULTI-LANGUAGE Choose from 18+ built-in languages or easily plug in other localizations for your region-specific needs

MULTI-CURRENCY Accept multiple currencies and tenders in one transaction

MULTI-TAX Meet regional fiscal and tax requirements like VAT, GST, HST, and ICMS

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