Complete retail management software designed for specialty retailers

Retail Pro is one of the most advanced and comprehensive retail software solutions available anywhere in the world operate more effectively, with a greater return on their technology investment. Widely known for its impressive scalability and adaptability, the Retail Pro retail software suite consists of point of sale, store operations, merchandising, inventory control, payment solutions, business intelligence and the list goes on.
Retail Pro’s powerful point of sale and back office features include a flexible easy to customize user interface and work flow, enhanced inventory management and purchase ordering features, tight integration with sophisticated payment solutions, and a seamless interface for our Retail Business Intelligence module.

Simplify operations, increase revenue, and reduce costs with Retail Pro.

Retail Pro includes the essential store system modules to manage your entire store. Retail Pro is the premier retail store management system with integrated POS and back-office functions. The system supports the simplified operations of the entire store through receiving, sales, inventory management, and replenishment. Role-based security ensures that access to specific functionality is limited to the appropriate levels.



Inventory Management Features

  • Real-time view of inventory levels
  • Stock balancing
  • Inter-store transfers
  • In-transit inventory monitoring
  • Auto-transfer recommendation
  • Efficient physical inventory counts
  • Lot/serial number tracking
  • Item/style performance tracking

Inventory Management Advantages

  • Prevent over-ordering
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Increase sales
  • Optimize the merchandise mix
  • Avoid duplicate orders
  • Maintain inventory stock of fast moving items
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Decrease administrative costs

Receiving Features

  • One-step receiving
  • ASN support
  • Automatic inventory update

Receiving Advantages

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Ensure access to timely data
  • Enable better ordering decisions

Store Replenishment Features

  • Automatic Min/Max calculation
  • Automated order generation
  • Auto-allocation of inventory

Store Replenishment Advantages

  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Increase sales
  • Decrease administration costs
  • Reduce out-of-stocks

Employee Management Features

  • Sales performance/productivity reporting
  • Cashier tracking
  • Effectively manage salaries
  • Commissions
  • Time and Attendance
  • Sales targeting

Employee Management Advantages

  • Raise employee satisfaction
  • Reduce administration time and costs
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Improve employee operations security


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OptCulture – Unfold your Marketing Strategy

OptCulture assists businesses and organizations in connecting with their customers nationwide via communication through multiple mediums. With the expanding use of mobile phones, you can reach your customers quickly and effectively with OptCulture SMS, all while tracking the response it generates in your store.


SMS Marketing – Instantly Engage Your Customer and Create Urgency

Whether you set up a response for when the customer opts in via SMS or are sending out a broadcast about the week’s sale. SMS is the best way to reach your customer. Open and response rates to SMS are much higher than email because most people read text messages within 4 minutes of receiving the text. Since customers open SMS much quicker, you can create a sense of urgency by running these promotions for shorter time spans, driving them to visit your store today, rather than coming in later or never coming in at all.

Loyalty / Rewards – Customer Engagement

Studies show that customers who belong to a loyalty program visit
twice as often and spend four times as much as those that don’t. With our system you can instantly and automatically load rewards on a customer’s card to encourage repeat business. Any business that is able to store a customer’s address, email, and phone and then track their contribution to the business and spending behaviors is going to be positioned to boost sales. The customer information you can capture in our system gives you the power to create low cost targeted marketing campaigns directed towards loyal customers using email and text messaging.
Digital Receipt – Increase Customer Traffic

Drive traffic to your website and social media pages beyond the traditional receipt information. Our digital receipts give you the chance to drive your customers to your website, ecommerce page, or social media pages after their purchase. This helps increase loyalty to your store and always provides the chance to up sell the customer even after their initial purchase. Customers can even share specific items directly to their Facebook or Twitter pages, giving you more exposure with their friends. The world is going more “paperless” everyday. Make sure to show that your are supporting the movement to clean up the environment by using OC Digital Receipts, thus saving the paper.

Interject Social media into Digital Receipts

Turn a traditional receipt into exposure by leveraging social media.  This allows shoppers to Like or Twee their favorite purchases, giving you increased exposure. The either-or debate has long been put to rest. Social media integration is an essential part of email marketing, and it’s incredibly easy with OptCulture.  With social media, you can promote your email campaigns. With email, there are many social media tie ins that can greatly extend the reach of your email campaigns. Integrating your Facebook and Twitter accounts enables many of these features.

*OmniChannel Products

Peekaboo Guru – All the Deals & Discount around you

Peekaboo Connect

Peekaboo Connect is a solution designed especially for the Banks and other financial institutions & companies to handle the dynamic data on the digital mediums. It is designed for the components such as the Loyalty & Offers and ATM & Branch location functions. Peekaboo Connect not only makes it simple to manage the Loyalty offers but more importantly increase the customer engagement by facilitating the customers to avail the offers.

Entice your Customers – Rich Merchant Data

Through standardized and normalized rich merchant data, Peekaboo Connect entice the users to avail the offers, discounts and cash back they are entitled to. Peekaboo Connect provides all the necessary information to the users to conclude the purchasing decision – Branches & Direction, Timings, Contact, Gallery, Menu, Consumer Reviews & Ratings, Amenities such as Wi-Fi, Smoking, Music, Wheel chair access etc.

Peekaboo Connect also gives immense marketing leverage to the merchants by offering high business visibility to the users in the network.

Facilitate your Customers – Flexible Search and Engaging UI

With loads of data and tons of offers, it is important to assist the users by providing smart search. Peekaboo Connect offers all the relevant filers and search functions to facilitate easy navigation – Filter by Category, City, Country, Timings, Distance, Alphabet, Ratings and more.

Peekaboo Connect also comes with a feature called the Guru Eyes – features based on geo located augmented reality. Consumers can see the Offers and ATM & Branches on the screen of the mobile phone.

Travel Guide – Global Support for Payment Gateways

Peekaboo Connect supports the Local as well as global offers and locations powered by payments gateways such as VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay, JCB and others. Peekaboo Connect takes in the data nourishes it and syndicates it to the users. When your customers travel, they still know the power of the card they carry by knowing the offers around them.

Reach Out when it matters! – Geo Fencing – Location and Profile Based Notifications

Peekaboo Connect enables effective and timely notifications through geo fencing. Based on the preferences and location of the users, the most pertinent offers can be sent to users for maximum engagement.



Creative solutions to complex problems through integrations and apps.

As a creative company oriented to innovative approaches to solving problems, Retail Information Systems (RIS) actively looks for ways to extend retail point of sale technology offerings through our in-house development team, third-party products and partnerships. From migrating retail customers from their legacy POS applications with replication, data migration and transformation services to developing customized programs to integrate warehouse management systems (WMS) and ERP systems or enhancements to improve process workflows and reporting, we have been providing unique retail solutions that enable breakthrough business efficiencies for our valued customers. RIS has helped City Gear integrate Retail Pro to its WMS system to drive efficiencies and productivity for this high-growth customer.

With the ‘store of the future’ already leveraging a variety of empowering technologies to improve the customer experience, we are now turning to RFID technology to empower store owners. For example, to help American Apparel to leverage the power of RFID, we are taking line busting to the next level with the concept of Full Basket Checkout, enabling all items to forego the individual scanning process and utilize the check stand RFID reader to scan the entire basket in one fell swoop — quickly and without error.

RIS has been developing integrated retail solutions for Retail Pro through customized extensions, or apps, that expand the functionality of your point of sale system and significantly improve processes and business efficiency. To learn more and browse the RIS Custom App Catalog for Retail Pro, use the button below or contact us.



Engage your existing customers. Extend your reach to new customers.

The most efficient way to successfully establish a new channel with consistent delivery, customer loyalty and increased revenue is through eCommerce. Whether you have an existing site and want to improve the functionality and responsiveness or start a new online store, Retail Information Systems’ (RIS) eCommerce solution will enable you to better engage with existing customers, reach more new customers than ever and streamline inventory management for your brick-and-mortar and online stores with a single interface.With the ‘store of the future’ already leveraging a variety of empowering technologies to improve the customer experience, we are now turning to RFID technology to empower store owners. For example, to help American Apparel to leverage the power of RFID, we are taking line busting to the next level with the concept of Full Basket Checkout, enabling all items to forego the individual scanning process and utilize the check stand RFID reader to scan the entire basket in one fell swoop — quickly and without error.

RIS has been developing integrated retail solutions for Retail Pro through customized extensions, or apps, that expand the functionality of your point of sale system and significantly improve processes and business efficiency. To learn more and browse the RIS Custom App Catalog for Retail Pro, use the button below or contact us.

Centrally Manage Your Store and eCommerce Operations

Central management saves you time and reduces errors. With an integrated system, you can:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry between your POS and eCommerce systems
  • Drive multi-channel promotions
  • Delight your customers with a gift registry that works in the store and online
  • Reduce out of stocks and capitalize on knowing your shopper’s purchase preferences from all channels – at the register, on the sales floor, from a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Offering a great online customer experience tailored to your unique brand and retail offerings starts with the best of breed eCommerce platform – Magento. Gain efficiencies from Linked Retail’s comprehensive integration to leverage Magento’s powerful responsive design, site navigation, SEO and other popular attributes that will ensure your customers have a visually rich and functional experience as they browse, shop and buy — all while potentially switching between devices or desktop.

Besides growing your business with online sales, empowering your customers with descriptive product information and up to date inventory levels helps drive more traffic to your store, using your site to research purchases they intend to make in store or buying online and picking up at the store.

Learn more about selling online.

Vendor Integration

laptop, like macbook with blank screen. Isolated on white background.


The most advanced in-store analytics solution available.
-People Counting & Conversion

Accurately measure the traffic inside your store. Our partner, RetailNext, offers the most robust people counting technology and analysis for retail. The foot traffic analytics extend beyond simple entrance counting to measure numerous data points about shoppers.

-Staff Optimization

Properly align your labor hour allocation to customer demand. RetailNext fully integrates with your store’s time and attendance systems, ensuring that you always have th right amount of staff on hand, exactly when and where you need them.


World Class Intuitive User Interface

Retail Pro point of sale software provides the ultimate flexibility to meet your business needs, growing with you, the way you like to do business. Unlike ordinary retail point of sale software, Retail Pro adapts to meet the needs of virtually any retail operation – saving time, money and lost productivity with its ease of use. Employee turnover becomes less of a hassle because Retail Pro is so easy to learn.

Solid Retail Infrastructure and Unlimited Scalable Platform

Retail Pro provides the scalability, stability and reliability you need in mission-critical retail point of sale software. Running on a powerful embedded Oracle database engine, Retail Pro provides a scalable and flexible solution that is cost-effective. The embedded database is self-maintained and requires low administration, so you won’t need a fleet of in-house technicians for maintenance… or a separate budget to pay for it.

Powerful and Extensive Tailoring Tools

Retail Pro includes powerful presentation services tool to manage screens, pages within screens, and field data definitions without the additional burden of programming or customization. This allows the retailer freedom in customizing and replicating screens and transactions to suit your specific needs.

Easily Adaptable Interfaces

The interface manager is extremely flexible and allows the retailer to define the data transformation rules, consolidation rules, and output formats. This flexibility enables retailers to integrate Retail Pro with a wide variety of applications.

A Complete Retail Software Solution

Because Retail Pro is one integrated solution, the positive impact on your business can be tremendous with benefits that include improved revenue, profit, etc. With Retail Pro’s precise inventory management, you’ll increase sales productivity while reducing inventory carrying cost, out-of-stocks, and the need for drastic markdowns due to overbuying. With Retail Pro’s customer management you will develop loyal repeat customers who are happy with their shopping experience, and come back again and again.

Proven Global Experience and Localized in 127 Countries

Proven experience and reliability is why Retail Pro continues to be the leading retail point of sale software throughout the world. Retail Pro offers robust capability second to none in point of sale and store operations, inventory management, retail merchandising and customer management. For years, Retail Pro has been the point of sale system of choice for leading retailers worldwide who require built-in handling of sophisticated multi-currency, local tax and multi-language situations. Tested, scalable, affordable and easy to use, Retail Pro is the intelligent solution for your retail management needs.

Areas of Growth

Cisco Services

We are now actively developing our expertise in the following area:

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise delivers intelligent contact routing, call treatment, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI), and multichannel contact management over an IP infrastructure. It combines multichannel automatic call distributor (ACD) functionality with IP telephony in a unified solution. This makes it easier for your company to rapidly deploy a distributed contact center infrastructure.

RIS Services is making a foray into this solution area, and will enable clients to secure world class Cisco solutions for their enterprise.


RIS is the exclusive distributor for a renowned way-finding solution, which dominates the southeast Asian Market. More details to follow soon.